What is a Pagerank?

Pagerank (PR) is an important factor in your positioning in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).  A pagerank is assigned to your website by Google and is determined by many variables – no one knows exactly how many except for Google, and they like to be very secretive about their methods. Among SEO specialists, it is believed that there are hundreds of variables that play into your site’s pagerank designation, however there are a few that carry more weight than others.

For most websites including small businesses, you can expect to have a rating between 1 and 3 (out of 10). Only websites like IBM and Amazon achieve PRs of 9 or 10. If your site is new (less than 9 months old) you can probably expect to be rated at a zero, which is normal, since the age of your site in a major factor in your PR. Introducing a fully customized SEO optimization package into your site will help to boost your PR, which will make your site more visible on the internet. To read more about SEO and BluErth’s integrated SEO package, go HERE.

You can find the pagerank of your website by going to our Pagerank checker.

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