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BluErth provides super fast, robust, commercial grade website hosting to meet all of your needs. We offer only one hosting package and we are confident that it has everything you need to keep your site running smoothly and without any interruptions. There is no setup fee for new accounts and email addresses. We can also handle your site migration, if you are currently hosted elsewhere and would like to move (If you are migrating your current site over, a one-time migration fee may apply).

BluErth is committed to superior customer service. With our hosting, we handle all of the setup and configuration that most hosting companies typically leave for you to figure out on your own. Any time you have questions or an issue with your site, you call us and we handle it right away – no waiting on hold for a customer service rep.

BluErth Hosting includes:

Better Performance

Our modular Tier-1 data center was specifically designed to be a world-class web hosting facility totally dedicated to uncompromised performance and security. Our solid-state servers with unlimited bandwidth are extremely responsive and capable of sustaining any number of visitors to your site at one time. We have RAID Mirrored Drives, clustered servers, and we are connected on multiple fiber rings to ensure that your site stays up at ALL TIMES. Each hosting account is limited to a single domain to ensure high server performance.

Faster Load Speeds

Site speed is CRITICAL for SEO and usability.  Google judges and ranks your site based on load time.

Our servers are equipped to with HTTP/2 protocol, which has a lot of cool features that speed up your loading times, including full multiplexing (which means that multiple requests can happen at the same time over a connection that stays open for the duration of the transfer process), and Server Push (which can send multiple server requests all at once without slowing the site).

Better SEO

Search engines judge and rank your site based on a long list of factors, but near the top of that list is load speed and encryption strength.  The faster and more secure your site, the better your ranking in the search results.  Our top-tier server performance guarantees your site will always load as fast as possible, giving you the advantage you need to keep your customers’ attention for longer.  Improve your site rankings even more dramatically with our Primary SEO service.

Our SSL certificates not only secure your website and allow you to take credit cards and protect your customers’ information, it also enhances your site’s Search Engine Optimization.  Google and other search engines give priority to sites with data encryption, and our SSL certificates are the recommended standard by Google and Bing.

Elite Security

Not only does your site need to be fast, but also secure. Our advanced security measures keep your site fully protected from malware attacks and hacking. Our server centers are equipped with state of the art security systems to keep your data safe and are monitored 24/7. Included SSL certificates give you maximum security for e-commerce transaction capability and to protect your site from hacking and malware. Each SSL certificate also comes with full installation into your site and includes:

– Dedicated (unique) IP address
– Highest strength 4096-bit, RSA Standard SSL/TLS with 256 bit encryption
– Full business validated certificate
– Recognized by all browsers and mobile devices
– $250,000 relying party warranty

Enterprise Level Email Services

You also receive professional, high capacity Email services with your hosting. Each hosting account allows for unlimited mailboxes, with attachments up to 200mb. Full webmail access is also available for all accounts, as well as unlimited aliases, and each account has FREE updated Antivirus, and Account Managed Spam filtering with Private Whitelists and Blacklists. POP3, IMAP4, and Private SMTP Service is also available.

Personalized Customer Service

No customer service call centers, no wait times.  We give you our mobile numbers and if you are experiencing an issue, you call us directly, and we pick up the phone.


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