Google to Create a Search Index for Mobile

mobile friendll websites

Given that more than 85% of Google’s search results are now mobile friendly and more than half of all internet searches now come from a mobile device, Google is prioritizing accordingly.

Google has confirmed that it will create a separate search index specifically for mobile.  This new search index will be up and running in just a few months and will become the primary search index AND the most up-to-date version.  Google says it will maintain a separate index for traditional desktop searches, however it will no longer be the dominant resource and won’t be as current.

Is your site mobile friendly?

Anyone with a site which isn’t fully optimized for mobile devices will likely suffer in the search results.  To optimize your website for this new mobile search index:

  • make sure all pages in your site are optimized with responsive layouts
  • include structured markup in your site’s code
  • make sure your site doesn’t display a smaller or truncated version of itself on mobile devices, since this may hurt your visibility