Google Chrome will start warning that non-HTTPS sites are insecure

ssl certificates

Google’s Chrome browser will soon begin displaying all sites that do not have an SSL certificate as ‘insecure’, which essentially flips the way the browser used to convey information about privacy and security to users.  Instead of discreetly informing users that a site has HTTPS and is secure, they’ll flag all non-HTTPS sites as insecure, with a series of escalating alerts that will eventually display an exclamation point inside a red triangle – an icon that was chosen by the Chrome team specifically to alarm users.

The increased interest in encrypting all websites is part of a movement to increase the overall safety of all web users.  In addition to protecting your site and it’s readers from hacking, spam, malware and identity theft, SSL certificates bring significant Search Engine Optimization benefits as well since encrypted sites are given priority in search results.

If your site is not currently encrypted with an SSL certificate, consider adding one.  The cost is only $185 per year and the certificate installation is included, along with a dedicated IP address.