Designing a website or logo is a process that involves input and feedback from both the client and the designer. It all takes time, but we’ve found that the most time consuming part of the whole process is often gathering materials and content to just get started. Read on to find out what you’ll need in order to get started on a website or logo project. If you’re ready now, fill out the form on this page and click submit to send us your info and a message, and we;ll contact you to set up a time to discuss all the details. [contact_form]

In order to expedite your project and arrive prepared, we recommend going through this checklist before our first project meeting:

  1. Domain Name: Have you selected a domain name for your site and checked to see if it is available? BluErth recommends for domain registrations. Save your customer# and password, as we will need that information later. If you need assistance with this part of the process, we will be happy to help.
  2. Hosting: You will need to purchase hosting for your website. BluErth offers premium hosting that gives you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email addresses, 100% ‘up’ time, enhanced site security as well as a ton of other great features.
  3. Aesthetic: Do you already have something in mind for the look of your logo/site/marketing materials? Any input you provide in this regard will help us to get a feel for your personal style or company image. If you don’t have anything specific, don’t worry! Creating from scratch is what we do best!

Additional info to consider:

  1. Content: Writing content for your website, brochure, or ad space can be a challenging task and usually takes far more time and effort than most people plan for. bluErth can help you arrange and optimize your content, however we recommend engaging the services of a professional copywriter if you need assistance for large amounts of content production. We can provide a copywriter to you for an additional fee.
  2. Photos: For many websites, photographs represent a majority of the overall visual impact. Finding the right photo for each application is important. We will work with the photos you provide, search stock libraries to find the perfect photos for you, or, if we can’t find what we need out there, our photographer will capture the shot that we need.
  3. Search Engine Optimization: SEO is an essential part of your website that helps you gain new clients and customers online.  SEO is not only built in to the infrastructure of your site, but is an ongoing campaign. To maximize your site’s SEO potential and social media exposure, we recommend engaging the services of our SEO Expert.
  4. Printing: Printing costs are not typically included in our design fees, however we do offer printing services through an affiliate company that uses sustainable materials. We always recommend printing on recycled paper and can create an estimate for your print project, whether it is business cards, postcards, stickers or wedding invitations. We can also work with your local printer you prefer.